Everyone whom I seem to talk to these days, says, the glorious days of IT are over. Looking at this statement from a different perspective, makes me feel that, this is not true somehow. The days of easy money are definitely over. But as the global marketplaces and industries move towards automation of their daily tasks, the demand for IT will sustain. IT looks like a field which is mature in itself, but its not at the level where it should be. We come across clumsily designed systems all around. The reason is, the limited budgets IT department gets to work with. This makes me think, about what kind of jobs would have a very good demand a couple of years from now!
The kind of jobs that merge business with IT and make the business understand the value of IT. An individual who has strong business skills as well as technology, could be invaluable to an organization.
He could be described as a technical BA, but the title doesn’t do justice. He could be more accurately described as a software evangelist( in simple words an Internal sales guy), who can sell the product to the business and set expectations with them. This is a very niche space, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we see a lot more demand in this space.